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NTC coffee machine temperature sensor

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Product Description

       a wide range of operating temperature range: a range from -20 to 150 ° C
       dielectric strength:, one second 1500VAC
       instant thermal reaction in water, good stability in wet environments. br]
       to adapt to the heat and humidity environment, high-precision, small size, can improve different tolerances, cost-effective
       UL to meet RoHS
       can be customized specifications
       Climatic category: IEC60068-1
       technical data
       Resistance Tolerance: / -1% to / -10%
       Rated temperature: 25 ° C
       Insulation Resistance ≥ 100Mohm
       dissipation constant: minimum 3mW / ° C (in still air )
       thermal time constant: 3 seconds maximum moisture resistance (in water / )
      : (40 ° C 95 % RH ) 1000 hours
       Temperature measurement in household appliances (toilet, water heater and water boilers. dishwasher. toaster. Soymilk. appliances
       Recommended Applications
       3. Industry control temperature sensor

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