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micro-car parking heater

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micro car parking heater, using volatile atomization technology, the core components imported, more stable performance, smaller, suitable for all kinds of cars, business cars, pickup trucks, SUV, Jeep, SUV installation;
       Our company specializes in used in various types of cars, mini cars engine cold start with a parking heater in Northeast China and the Russian Far East, Siberia The area has a wide range of applications; company specializes in producing applied to the BYD brand cars on the parking heater for the rapid warming of the the alpine environment cryogenic engine warm-up start-up and cab heater can be achieved while the summer inside and outside for the wind. the product model: YJH-Q5B \ \ Q10b, Germany volatile atomization technology, the core components imported from abroad. reliable quality, stable performance; parking heater using the world's most advanced full-cast aluminum, is independent of the Car Engine Car heating device, its own fuel lines, circuit, burning heating device and control device without starting the engine preheat temperature to low temperature in winter cold environment parked car engine and cab. completely Car eliminate cold start wear and its working principle is the use of the vehicle battery and the fuel tank to instantaneous power and a small amount of oil, and the heat generated by the combustion of gasoline engine circulating water is heated and thus the engine hot start, while the cab warming

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