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Blister aircraft Kong / Butterfly hole puncher constant thread precision molds plastic airplane hole puncher product shape using precision cast aluminum material, Sodick EDM Sijia molded parts, with the accuracy of the machine can reach 2-3μ, use high-precision punching power cylinder (4-5KG pressure ), the structure of desirable high-speed stamping, appearance, movement frequency, high wear resistance, the use of long life according to our customers free samples can design a variety of hole punching machine, do not charge any fees blister design aircraft Hole Punch Control: pneumatic punching, foot control valve blister packaging Punch mainly applied to:. 1 .. PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG, flocking and other plastic materials .2 variety of electronic blister packaging, stationery, plastic packaging, plastic packaging toys, jewelry Class blister packaging, hardware tools plastic packaging, cosmetic gifts and crafts classes blister packaging, plastic packaging products, such as punch 3. Bubble shells, plastic trays, plastic boxes, enclosures card, blister card, double bubble shell, half blister, Clamshell, folded blister, etc.:..
       blister punch, punch hole finish and high pass beautiful, safe, convenient, high efficiency, low cost common categories: .
       1 plastic hole puncher, mainly used in: Commodity blister packaging, plastic boxes, plastic packaging and other electronic products
       2 plastic triangular hole puncher, mainly applies to: Blister packing electronic products, computer accessories, digital accessories blister packaging
       3 Hole Punch plastic, mainly applied to: household goods, plastic packaging, blister packaging of supplies, toiletries, plastic packaging, etc.
       4 butterfly hole blister packaging, mainly applied to:. day gifts crafts blister packaging, stationery, plastic packaging, plastic food packaging
       5 hole plastic airplane hit hole machine, mainly used in: jewelry plastic packaging, metal plastic packaging, digital products, plastic packaging, toys, plastic packaging
       1 small hole:.. 4mm6mm8mm10mm12mm triangular hole: 25X830X10.532X1038X10 aircraft Hole: 20X10X530X12X632X12X634X12X5 Butterfly hole: 20X6X925X6X930X6X932X6X935X6X9 parameters:
       Operating voltage: 220V stable pressure: 6 ~ 8cm2 Size: 30X25X35 (CM )
       Punch NW: 6 ~ 15KG / Desk Accessories: foot valve positioning block, 8mm pipe connection structure:.
       dynamic part: Cylinder operative: punch, guide sleeve, matching the lower mold part: mold base, bottom, foot valve (pedal )
       first step, the first plastic puncher firmly fixed on the work surface, air compressor required access trachea. (note connected with gas pipe and foot valve bottom of the interface )
       second step, select a product needs to punch, punch in accordance with the requirements of the position of the positioning block fixed bottom right position, then clean punch punch guide parts of the debris, add oil. (recommended lubricants : Pure oil mixed with butter )
       The third step is to open the air compressor, the air pressure is adjusted to 6 ~ 8cm2, gently depress the foot valve foot observation Punch Punch is working (trachea if connected. Instead, punch punch can not lift )
       The fourth step is to prepare the product needs to punch, punch positioning the product in accordance with smooth into the specified location, then gently depress the foot valve to complete the drilling.
       The fifth step, punch process if unusual circumstances, should be promptly shut down the air compressor, do careful inspection and maintenance: before
       punching machine, clean the debris bushings between the lower mold , add lubricant. puncher use, pay attention to the work of drilling machines, timely filling of lubricant to prevent keypunch parts of the temperature is too high, thus affecting the drilling machine life. punch process as In case of unusual circumstances, do not force knock, do not arbitrarily dismantled keypunch machines after use, clean the guide sleeve and lower mold parts debris, keeping clean punch, add lubricant; such as long-term need, should The punch punch into the lower die inside, the punch packed, stored in a dry place where the collision is not easy to deal with common faults:.
       can not be brought to the punch, you can not punch, then check whether the trachea On the contrary, such as the trachea is not reversed, in most cases is the punch stuck, you need to deal with the specialized factory. punch is not smooth, burr, burr, with a wind mill grinding machine gently lower die a few minutes, if still not resolved, . return the factory maintenance rushed constantly glued to the punch scrap, check whether the compressor pressure drilling requirements, (recommended air pressure: 6 ~ 8cm2 ) such as air pressure is normal, mill about the knife; or mail processing factory.

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