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the production of efficient gold sand pump, pumping sand and gravel pumps, emery pump

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ZSQ (R ) submersible sand pump, gold sand pump, gravel pump, pumping sand pump dredging pump the hydraulic machinery of the motor and pump the coaxial sneaked into the media work flow parts of the pump with the manufacture of high strength and wear-resistant alloy, has good wear resistance flowing passage, apply to transportation to contain the larger solid particles sediment, slurry, coal slurry, sand and gravel and other media. products absorb foreign advanced technology, design manufacturing, pumps addition to the external bottom of the main impeller to increase a stirring impeller, can deposition of sludge spray blow into turbulence, is the pump high concentration of transport in case of no auxiliary device. unique sealing device can effectively balance the oil pressure of indoor and outdoor, the maximum protection of the reliability of mechanical seals, motor overheat protection, water detection protection and other protective measures can long-term security to run in harsh working conditions applicable in the extraction of building sand, silt, silt, tailings slurry, ore, iron sands, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ports and other pumping sand dredging project, and can also be used for steel clear the grit of the plants, power plants, iron ore plant, oil and other industrial and mining enterprises, sedimentation tanks, sewage treatment plant sediment.
       submersible pump gold sand, silt pump structural features: 1. machine for dry pump type, the motor oil chamber seal, equipped with mechanical seal, can effectively prevent the high-pressure water and impurities into the motor cavity. In addition to the main impeller, as well as mixing impeller, can sink to the bottom of the sludge mixing into turbulence extracted impeller and mixing impeller flow passage components with high hardness, high chrome cast steel, wear, corrosion, sewage capacity, through a larger solid particles. motor submerged, without suction restrictions, smoking residue rate, dredging more thorough. overall equipment simplification, not allowed with a secondary mixing device or injection device, easy to operate unit total investment decreased. mixing impeller close to the deposition surface dive depth control concentration in the case of a major media than through the installation of auxiliary devices, increasing media concentration.
       submersible pump gold sand, silt pump conditions: 1 power supply is 50Hz, 60Hz/380V, 415V, 660V three-phase AC power supply, power distribution transformer capacity of 2-3 times the motor rated capacity 2 medium temperature should not exceed 60 ° C, the R type (high temperature ) does not exceed 110 ° C does not contain flammable and explosive gas. media maximum weight concentration of solid particles: ash is 45%, 60% slag. 4. crew Diving depth: less than 40 meters, subject to minimum diving depth of the submerged motor. 5. unit position in the medium vertical, the upper suspension positioning.
       submersible pump gold sand, silt pump the scope of application: 1. draw river, river, lake, sea and other underwater sand. draw rivers, lakes, sea, reservoirs, fish ponds power plants and other underwater silt and sand to absorb all kinds of stone processing plant powder slurry. draw on a variety of water slurry operation processing the solid paste items. draw caisson wells mud 6. sedimentation tanks, hydropower stations, reservoirs, rivers, power plants, open caisson, mine, fish pond sediment clean-up. draw a variety of power plant fly ash and slime. tailings conveyor, and a variety of Tailings Mine, material pulp, pulp, coal slurry, slag, slag processing. draw on a variety of diamond sand, quartz sand, steel slag, slag, solid particles 10. transport of sediment containing large solid particles, slurry, coal slurry, sand and gravel and other media. gold sand, pumping iron ore.
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